She The People Anthem
Director: October 2018

Culturestrike: Fuel From Fire - Art After Fire Devastation
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: July 2018

De/Fining Lines
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: May 2016
Showcased At: Student Experimental Film Festival NYC, Grizzly Bay Film Festival 2016, Seize The Means Worth Ryder Gallery Exhibit 2016

Dreamers Awake
Director, Editor: February 2016

Director, Writer: April 2015
Showcased At: Grizzly Bay Film Festival 2015 "Best Drama Short" Winner

Black Lives Matter Protests in Berkeley
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Fall 2014
Showcased At: 2015 Roselyn Schneider Eisner Award Honorable Mention

National Campaign for Bright Pink
Co-Director, Cinematographer, and Editor: October 2018

K For Kashmir
Director, Editor, Cinematographer: May 2015
Showcased At: 2016 Roselyn Schneider Eisner Award First Prize Winner, Grizzly Bay Film Festival 2015 "Best Film" and "Best Editor" Winner, Tongues on Fire London Asian Film Festival 2017

Cycles of Lune
Writer, Director, Editor: May 2016
Showcased At: 
Second Asia International (Wenzhou) Youth Short-Film Festival 2016

Director: January 2016

Portrait of a Place
Director, Cinematographer, Editor: February 2015

Born Stylish - Season 1
Showrunner, Assistant Director, Writer on Episodes 1, 2, and 3

Mary Kom (Trailer)
Assistant Director